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Dalibor Baskovc has been elected at the position for vice president on general assembly of EuroCloud Europe organization in january 2013.

His responsibility within EuroCloud Europe are focused towards startup and innovation within European organization and supporting the value chain and financing of R&D.

As presented by EuroCloud in the “16 Action Point Plan for Cloud Computing in Europe” in 2010, a culture of innovation, based on structured R&D plans, should be promoted and encouraged. Despite the fact that the majority of companies have the goal of continuing to improve and develop their products and solutions by investing in research and development (R&D), they have difficulties to clearly identify the value chain of R&D. Companies are also having difficulty to identify the most efficient methodology to incorporate the results of R&D in their products, maximizing investments in product differentiation and innovation. Implementing the right strategy to support R&D is even a more difficult tasks for small and startup companies, which usually works under high demanding budget constraints.

As it’s also presented by the recent report “ENTREPRENEURSHIP 2020 ACTION PLAN”, presented by the European Commission, EuroCloud position is that in order to bring Europe back to growth and higher levels of employment, Europe needs more entrepreneurs. This goals are full aligned also with the European Commission’s strategy for “Unleashing the potential of Cloud Computing in Europe”, which expects that Cloud increased adoption delivers a net gain of 2.5 million new European jobs, and an annual boost of EUR 160 billion to EU GDP (around 1%), by 20203. At the pace Cloud Computing model evolves and the major obstacles and technical challenges are being address, it’s urgent to create measurements to ensure the sustainability of the Cloud Computing market for years to come and the leadership of Europe by through innovation of cloud products within existing industries and most important, by fostering a close collaboration with R&D institutions, reference and well established companies, and clusters of young entrepreneurs.

Dalibor is also a co-founder of EuroCloud Slovenia and CEO of Zavod e-Oblak. EuroCloud Slovenia chapter is a nonprofit organization in Slovenia, member of EuroCloud Europe. (http://www.eurocloud.si). Dalibor is a Slovene EuroCloud chairman and also a member of Select Industry Group (SIG), run by the EU commission. He has been actively involved in preparation of EU cloud strategy -http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/activities/cloudcomputing/cloud_strategy/index_en.htm, through this organization active also on certification program development, involved in communication on European level towards other markets, such as China, involved in local data protection guidelines creation – http://eurocloud.si/2012/09/05/cloud-computing-and-data-protection/

He is also involved as coordinator of the biggest Slovene cloud r&d project, one of the biggest projects in Europe at this time ( http://www.kc-class.eu), active within following fields: Cloud Infrastructure – IaaS, Cloud Platform – PaaS, SaaS Support Services, Sustainable Growth and Quality of Life Support, E-Learning Services in the Cloud, Cost-efficient Vertical Integration of Logistics, E-Health and Environmental Services in the Cloud.

A strong footprint of responsibility is also knowledge transfer from research institutions to the industry through the competence centre he is running within Slovene Chamber of Commerce – http://zitex.gzs.si/slo/kompetencni_centri, and  he strongly believes that the change within industry could be done best through supporting start-ups, therefore he support strongly Slovene activities in this field through a special program developed for them (http://startcloud.si)

He is CEO of privately owned company Zeleno d.o.o. (www.zeleno-online.com), consulting in the area of cloud computing, where he is responsible for developing the cloud consultancy program, helping vendors, research&development entities, ISV’s, getting value out of cloud industry.

He has a long and successful career in Technical, Security (CISM), Sales, Business development and Managerial positions. He worked in various industries covering IT-development , IT-system integrators companies, Compulsory health insurance company, Central Securities Clearing Corporation, Telecom and Sales and has a profound understanding of using cross-industry partnerships to leverage the strength of multiple industry players giving each player a strong foothold in the market place. As a member of ISACA organization, he possesses CISM – Certified security auditor.

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