Open call towards Slovenian cities

What 3 biggest Slovene cities (Ljubljana, Maribor, Koper) propose to Slovene authorities, can be seen here

Open & Agile Smart Cities presentation in Slovenia -> Brynskov-Dalibor_OASC-presentation

  • Global initiative
  • Driven by cities
  • 3+1 mechanisms
  • 2 cities/country
  • 1 year
  • OASC Task Force

OPEN & AGILE Smart Cities

CSC Network Board

C–Martin Brynskov – DK / Network / Aarhus

VC–Pieter Ballon – BE / Brussels

VC–Katalin Gallyas – NL / Amsterdam

VC–Jarmo Eskelinen – FI / Helsinki

Juanjo Hierro – ES / Network

Dan Hill – UK / Network / London

Luis Muñoz – ES / Santander

Álvaro de Oliveira – PT / Network

Martin Serrano – IE / Galway

7 out of 10

7 out of 10 will live in cities by 2050 (UN). 80 % of the total economic activities will be In China. 20 million new inhabitants


More 80 % of the total economic activities GDP generate  sustainability  currently and related urban areas  World bank


Collective yearly buying power of cities.

City making in the age of digital transition

Smart cities need

  • Interoperability (Interoperability is needed on all levels to avoid vendor lock in. Standards needs to be demand driven generated by the cities and the citizens)
  • Standards

Digital Single Market

–         EU commission Strategy from 6th of may 2015 –


Open & Agile Smart Cities

  1. APIs
  2. FiWare
  3. Standard DataModel (CitySDKs)
  4. Linked OpenData Platforms

1st wave:

Finland: Helsinki, Tamsere, Oulu, Espoo, Vantaa, Turku;

Denmark-Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg;

Spain – Valencia, Santander, Malaga, Sevilla;

Belgium-Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp;

Italy – Milan, Palermo, Lecce;

Portugal – Lisbona, Porto, Penala, FundAo, Palmela, Algueda;

Braziil-Loinda, Anapolis, Porto Alegre, Vitoria Colinas de Tocantins, Taquaritinga

Open & Agile Smart Cities 2015 roadmap and OASC&EuroCloud invitation towards Slovene cities

  1. The 2nd wave is now open, with the deadline of June 5, 2015.You can read about the launch of the 1st wave on March 16, 2015, where 31 cities from 7 countries in Europe and Brazil joined.
  2. The 3rd wave will soon be open. Announcement of Slovene cities joining will be made by our partner organization, Zavod e-Oblak (alias EuroCloud Slovenia), during the Bled conference, 5th and 6th of November 2015Follow us on
  3. Hope to see you at SmartCity World Expo in Barcelona http://www.smartcityexpo.comwhere Connected EU Open&Agile SmartCities will come together, 17th to 19th of November