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Eurocloud event on 17. november 2010

Event title: The role and importance of computing in the cloud (“cloud computing”) for providers and customers

Short description of the event: Regional Conference organized by EuroCloud Slovenia for partners/users in the region

November 17th, 2010.

Great Hall in Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia.



  • Getting to the event to 100 CXO’s or business decision makers
  • Gain experience (presenting examples of good practice) by the more advanced markets in this area
  • Presentation of trends
  • Identify opportunities that Slovenian companies have when deciding to Slovenian cloud computing service
  • Introduce potential customers to choose between the traditional choice (to have with them all ICT) and computing in the cloud (to have part or all of ICT in the cloud)
  • Increase the State’s investment in the area of “Cloud Computing”
  • Slovenian positioning offers computing in the cloud (what, where and how they can get)

Agenda will cover questions like:

  • Business decisions to be made before entering cloud computing
  • Do business decision makers now enough about cloud offering
  • Normal concerns before entering the cloud world (security, privacy, legal/ethical view, scalability, reliability, cost, vendor lock-in, integration with current IT systems
  • Cloud computing benefits (reduce upfront costs, flexibility, focus on primary business, quicker time to market, access to latest technologies