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Vendors are challenged of how to bring their IT solutions closer to their potential user in todays on-demand market. Everything needs to be on the tip of “one click”,  flexible in a way that their customer get the possibility to order as much of their service for the exact period that he needs it, and for the number of users, that is totally inline with their business growth.

Service & hosting providers

Services that hosting providers can bring to the market are now more than ever in the trend of cloud computing. Traditional service provider are coming from telco industry, which is now merging with IT industry. Both worlds while coming together see the opportunity on the other side, but they tend to see it from different perspective.

So the main issue is how to converge both values they have. On one side service providers have a lot of customers, that are constantly looking for new services in the cloud area, while on the other side IT industry has a lot of traditional knowledge of what let us say CRM or ERP functionality is, now they both just need to bring it together for the benefit of satisfied customer, both from functionality perspective as from the price perspective.

Independent software vendors (ISV)

ISV industry has the potential and the opportunity of bringing new value into cloud industry to transfer their excising knowledge into totally new business potential. But they have to consider the paradigm that cloud brings to them, which is totally different from what they were used to do in the past.

They have to follow the potential traditional service provider markets have being using, and translate their solutions into service.